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My Vision for a Sustainable, Thriving Louisville


I hope to earn your ongoing support and your vote on Nov. 2 to continue providing principled, pragmatic, and proven leadership on City Council. We must build on previous successes to make Louisville an even more sustainable, thriving city.


What would an even more sustainable, thriving Louisville look like? It's a safe and even more welcoming City, where people can live, raise healthy families, and age in place. It's a place where folks can strengthen and grow their businesses. To make that happen,  I hope to earn your support and your vote on November 2 to be your Ward 1 Councilmember.

Chris Leh        

Louisville's Small Town Character

I am committed to preserving Louisville's superpower - its small town character! To me, that superpower is reflected in:

  • Our agricultural & mining roots

  • Old Town's charm

  • Our Open Spaces, parks, and trails

  • Our deep commitment to sustainability and the environment

  • Our spirit of volunteerism and collaboration

  • Safe neighborhoods and friendly neighbors

  • Our community events, such as Street Faire and Labor Day Parade

  • The diversity of our restaurants

  • The entrepreneurship of our business community - Downtown, in DeLo, off McCaslin or South Boulder Road, in Centennial Valley or the Colorado Tech Center

  • The dedication of our educators and the excellence of our schools

  • Our careful stewardship of tax dollars and delivery of City services

  • The high quality and responsiveness of our City Staff Members

We should celebrate and preserve those components of Louisville's superpower even as its small town character evolves to include:

  • Greater sustainability in land use, commerce, industry, while fostering an economy that remains open to business

  • Economic Recovery to ensure that our businesses flourish and generate revenue sufficient to provide the services and amenities residents expect

  • Increased inclusion of those who, in the past, have felt less welcome in our midst as neighbors, visitors, customers, colleagues, or classmates

  • More creative approaches to increase our supply of affordable and senior housing

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