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Chris Leh

Candidate for Mayor of Louisville


​​Civic engagement is a core value of mine. I first learned it in Sterling, Colorado -- from my Dad. He was a lawyer, elected official, and later, a Colorado state court trial judge. He learned it from his father, a local prosecutor, and his mother, the first female Logan County Clerk & Recorder. For me, civic engagement ,means:

  • Building Respectful Relationships  - I collaborate with residents, businesses, other Councilmembers, Staff, other government officials 

  • Being Accessible - I will am available electronically or in person to listen to and understand your concerns and suggestions


  • Focusing Knowledge, Experience, Energy, Imagination, and Common Sense I apply my skill set as well as I can to the issue at hand

  • Being Proactive -I've done my level-best to anticipate potential issues and bring them forward before they become crises

  • Forging a Stronger, More Welcoming Community - I name the "elephant in the room," try to find common ground and avoid owing division

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